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Bible Teaching

Changing the way we live.

Inspirational, encouraging and challenging. Seven main teaching series plus alternative EXTRAs.

Best run on a weekly basis (between 4-6 weeks). Can be run over a weekend where appropriate. Suitable for small or large groups as well as inter-church events such as Lent Courses. 1½ - 2 hour sessions to allow time for questions and a break. All teaching given by Andy Paine, supported by PowerPoint with interactive teaching notes. The timings are given as a guide only and can be adjusted to suit each individual situation.

EXTRA Bible Teaching offers alternative shorter series to the seven main topics. These may be better suited for Sunday services.

Costs: We make no charge for the teaching series but we would ask that travel expenses are covered. Any further donation for time given in preparation and teaching is left to the discretion of the individual church or group.

For further information or to book a series, please contact our office


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